About company

About company

Dear guests,
We are glad to welcome you on this official website of research and production company "Neurocor".

          Since 2009, our company develops and manufactures equipment for medical rehabilitation and diagnostics uses in health care and sports. Nowadays we are manufacturing the full range of neurophysiological devices and systems, namely "Nevropolygraph" electrical encephalographs and EEG registration devices, Neurosensory analyzer "Vibrosensotest", "Biomechanics Trust-M" complexes of  clinical movement analyses, "Stabylometry Trust-M" postural systems and the rehabilitation equipment for the training of walking skills and movement("Biokinekt", "Trust-M").

          In our equipment, we use only state-of- the art and proven technologies, parts and components, that ensuring high quality and uniqueness of our products.

          Our high-qualified experts provide support and service for our products both in Russian Federation and abroad.

          Along with actual production parts, "Neurocor LLC" also conducts research and development work, which allows to introduce innovative and effective diagnostics and rehabilitation methods into our production. We actively cooperate with the physicians and scientists from leading Russian and foreign medical clinics. Our highly professional team of engineers and software specialists is ready to solve the most outstanding and specific challenges in the field of medical equipment development. We are open for cooperation and always glad to welcome partners and associates.

          We consider our mission as providing physicians of various fields with the state-of-the art highly effective technologies of rehabilitation, control and diagnostics, making them widely available and if possible, simple and easy to apply.

          We offer you to get acquainted with the best products of our company in our website.