Training device for gait skills rehabilitation and improvement



Gait training unit Biokinekt (treadmill) was developed specifically for people suffering with the musculoskeletal issues and for those who want to restore or improve gait skills and myotonus of lower limbs.

This device is an ideal solution for those who recover after stroke or lower limb injury, suffer with paralysis or paresis regardless of etiology, as well as for trainings aimed to prevent cardiovascular conditions and obesity, and for general wellness trainings.

This device is equipped with all functionalities and programs necessary for training process.

It could be used for both adult and pediatric population. Telescopic hand rails with 6 levels of height adjustment provide convenient support during training sessions.

It could be used by patients with disabilities. Optional ramp for wheelchair might be included in a scope of supply.

This training device might be used as stand-alone device and in combination with other training devices (like weight relieving ones) and as a part of Trast M medical sets providing phased electrical myostimulation for better results.


Low starting speed and smooth adjustments by the increment of 0.1 km/h provides safe and easy training environment.

Powerful motor of 2.5 HP ensures operation up to 150 kg.

Shock absorbing running belt decreases joint load and increases comfort for the patient.

Emergency stop buttons placed on the rails provide immediate shutdown of the training device and switch the treadmill software off.

The USB interface allows connection to the PC and enables training using biofeedback (BFB) and control the result.

Optional biomechanical sensors used to determine step parameters could be connected to the PC via telemetry and provide registration of motions during the training session.

The “Exciting walk” program (optionally available for Windows and Linux operating systems) makes the training session more entertaining therefore increasing patient motivation. Visualization could be achieved through TV, projection device and/or VR helmet.


Main specifications


Speed, km/h

0.1 to 10 km/h

Speed increment

0.1 km/h

Running belt dimensions

50 x 154

Maximum patient weight

150 kg

Low profile of running belt

5 cm from the floor

Wheelchair ramp


Side hand rails

6 levels of height (70, 81, 89, 97, 105 and 113 cm)

Emergency stop button


PC connection


Biomechanical step sensor


PC software for BFB functionality





Net weight

125 kg



Motor power

2.5 HP

Maximum patient weight

150 kg

Running belt

50*154 cm

Telescopic adjustable handrails

Height from the floor level 70, 81, 89, 97,105 and 113 cm

Low profile of the running belt

5 cm from the floor

Wheelchair ramp


Emergency stop button

2 pc., on the guide rails, magnetic bangle

Control panel

6 training programs, manual mode, display of training results and parameters

Running belt speed

0.1 to 10 km/hour

Reverse movement

0.1 to 5 km/h

Speed increment

0.1 km/h

Running belt angle

0 to 15 degrees

PC control


Software (optional)

Windows/Linux OS with the virtual environment “Exciting walk”, providing BFB training, with the logging of results and parameters of the training session in the database.

Autonomous biomechanical sensors (optional)

2 pc. set with the charging device For calculation of step parameters.