Posturology System BIOKINEKT

Posturology Complex is the objective comprehensive assessment of postural status, locomotion system, symmetry of muscular tone and balance functions


Posturologie complex BIOKINEKT®

Posturologie complex BIOKINEKT® is designed for an objective comprehensive assessment of postural status, locomotor system, symmetry of muscle tone and balance function.

Composition and Application


3D Scanner:

3D anthropometry, diagnosis of posture disorders, curvature of the spinal column,

foot deformities.

Identification of limbs asymmetry.

Complex BIOKINEKT® allows to conduct a full-fledged posturological study using the video recording method, classical stabilometry and motion kinematics assessment.

Quickness of research conduction.

Balance System:

assessment of the balance, patient coordination capabilities, dysfunctions of the proprioceptive, vestibular and visual analyzers.

The absolute harmlessness of the method of the body does not effected by the radiation exposure.

Synchronization with a balance system and statokinesiogram data.

Biomechanical sensors:

functional tests, assessment of joint mobility, registration of individual body segments tremor.

The possibility of examining patients in functional poses.

Visual displaying of results on 3D models.

Measurement of anthropometric parameters.


conducting of highly effective biofeedback rehabilitation for patients with locomotor and postural disorders.

Calculation of the angles torsion of body segments, deviation from the vertical Barre.


The ability of creating the personalized methods.

Biofeedback games to enhance patient motivation.


Two operating modes: diagnostic mode and rehabilitation mode.