Body Weight Support System "BIOKINEKT"

This is the system intended for weight relief during assisted gait trainings.



Biokinekt weight relieving system was developed specifically for assistance in gait training as well as for falling prevention.

This device provides support to the standing patient helping to keep equilibrium and, if necessary, may be used for weight compensation.

The system also provides smooth transition from sitting position to the standing (verticalization) for disabled patients.

This system might be used as a stand-alone device or as part of medical systems along with the other training devices such as treadmills, force plates, balancing plates, postural training sets etc.)


Built-in battery set allows the system to be used without connection to 220V AC mains, and it might be used continuously even in case of mains power failure.

Diagonal design of Biokinekt supports allows easy access of medical personnel to the person getting training. The castors allow weight relief system to move easily and conveniently when necessary.

The weight load sensor allows for precise determination of compensatory force which then could be controlled during the training session. LED screen on the control panel provides information about current working mode and battery charge level.

Built-in overload protection and safeguard system ensures safe operations.


Main technical characteristics

Maximum patient weight

Up to 150 kg

Width, inner 105 cm
Telescopic handrails (option) 50 to 150 cm
Weight relief increment 0.1 kg
Lifting cable stroke length 800 mm
Uplift rate modes 3 modes
Maximum uplift rate 10 mm/sec at least
Elastic suspension Pediatric and adult (2 sizes)
LED display Graphics, displaying relieved weight, battery charge level and training mode
Battery charging set 220V, 50 Hz
Battery set 12V, 7A*h
Connection to PC Optional

Technical capabilities of the complex

Maximum patient weight 150 kg
Dimension 1400*1400*2400 mm
Inside width 1050 mm
Telescopic rails (optionally) 500-1050
Lifting cable stroke range 0-800 mm
Maximum lifting speed Maximum 10 mm
Speed modes of lifting 3 modes
Weight of simulator Maximum 80 kg
Working period (PT) % or min 10 or 2/18
Battery life period (PT) Min 3 hours
Adjusting step of the weight 0.1
Control block digital
LED screen graphical display of the discharge weight, level of charging, mode simulator
Battery charging unit 220V 50Hz
Battery power 12V 7Ah
PC connection (optionally) Bluetooth (maximum 100 meters)
Software (optionally) Training database, load graphs
Elastic suspender Child, adult (2 sizes)

Delivery Set

Stand in assembly (left) 1
Stand in assembly (right) 1
Crossbar 1
Elastic suspender balancer 1
Rotation wheel with brake 4
Set of fasteners 1
Elastic suspender 1*( quantity and size are agreed with customer)
External battery power source 1
Built-in battery pack 1
Built-in control block 1
Telescopic rails 2 (optionally, in agreement with the customer)
Spiral support 4
Safety cable 1
Power cable 1
Bluetooth adapter 1 (optionally, in agreement with the customer)
PC software on CD-ROM 1 (optionally, in agreement with the customer)
Package 1
User manual 1